What is Oi, Innkeep!?

You're the owner of an old, rundown magical tavern and it's up to you to clean the place up and restore it to it's former glory! Let Geoff the Magic Painting guide you in cooking, farming, managing, decorating, and getting to know and befriending your customers!


~ Coming soon to PC! ~


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Turn your rundown Inn into a thriving business!

Customize your place with heaps of different themed furniture and decor!

Loads of different recipes to cook and drinks to mix!

Get to know your customers and their problems!

Grow your own crops and use them in cooking!

Experiment with combining ingredients and cooking stations to discover loads of new recipes!

Rent out rooms to weary customers!

Keep the place tidy by making beds, wiping cobwebs, clearing dishes!

Unlock new rooms to grow your space!

Change your food menu to reflect the time of day, season, and weather!

Deal with drunk, troublesome guests!